How does this work?

My background is strongly rooted in the Western medical model. In more recent years, I have studied and come to integrate into this the more “esoteric” forms of healing that date back to ancient times.

My approach is no-nonsense, straightforward, let’s-get-to-the-heart-of-the problem and find resolution. While I apply the channeling and intuitive work liberally throughout each session, I also believe strongly in honoring the needs of our practical, day-to-day reality. Thus, my work ultimately combines an exploration of the root causes of your issue(s), direct application of healing techniques, and the presentation of personal tools that you can take with you to continue the healing process on your own. The ultimate goal is balance and empowerment, wherein you can take charge of yourSelf and your own healing journey to achieve your goals – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Sessions can be conducted in person, over the phone, or via Skype. All are equally effective. We will discuss and remove areas of blockage, uncover your soul’s purpose, and explore ways in which you can comfortably move forward into a sustainable experience of profound love, peace, and joy and bliss.

The average session is 60 minutes. Tune-ups can often be accomplished in 30 minutes, after a solid foundation has been established. That said, I am happy to work in 15 minute increments, extending the session only as needed and desired by YOU!

My current rate schedule is:
15 min = $35
30 min = $65
45 min = $95
60 min = $125
75 min = $155
90 min = $185

There will be a $10 surcharge for couples/partners.

Fees are payable by cash (in-person only), check, PayPal*, or Venmo.

*If you choose to make payment via PayPal, you will be charged a service fee when you select the option that says “paying for goods and services”. You can, alternatively, select the option that says “sending money to friends and family” to avoid this additional charge.