What is channeling? How does healing occur? Who is Spirit?

In Fall 2009, something happened that would forever change the course of my life, and my understanding of the world in which we live. During a meditation exercise, something in me cracked open. It was neither painful nor audible, but it was most definitely tangible. From that opening, a small voice spoke. It would be three more days before I realized what that voice was.

At first, it spoke to me. With time, it began to speak through me. It has been quite a journey since then, and the time has come to share the wisdom that this Voice has to offer. It is my voice, it is your voice, it is the voice of Spirit (God, Divine Source), and it wants to be heard.

This website is dedicated to YOU. It is intended to grow and evolve, as we grow and evolve more deeply into our connection with that Oneness that is greater than the sum of all things. Grand change is upon us. For some, it has already begun. For the rest, it begins NOW. I am here to help you navigate these changes and move into profound Love, Peace, Joy, Bliss, Grace, Ecstasy…and ultimately, Divinity.

Stay tuned. There is much, much more to come…